Welcome to sonchild, the place where I (Jonathan Reuel) post worship songs I write and other worship related resources.

I recently led worship at a conference and wrote a song during that time out of some things I was learning and experiencing there. I posted the song, lyrics and chords here. Feel free to pass them on as you see fit. If you usethis song (or any of my worship songs) in corporate settings please report your use to CCLI. Thanks!

Listen to "Let Your Love Pour Out". Lyrics Chords

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riddledthrough Last year I released my first worship project in more than a decade. "Riddled Through with Glory: Songs of Worship and Waiting" is a collection of seven songs which includes two previously unreleased demos as well as songs from previous albums. It cost $7 plus shipping and handling. Read more or order the new cd. For lyrics, chords and videos that explain how to play the songs, use the drop down menu at the top of this page.

If you are looking information on the song Water Fall On Me (including lyrics and chords) all the information you need is here.

Sonchild Responsible is my only full-length studio recording made up entirely of worship songs, some of which are still being sung around the country (Holy 3x, There is a River, All I Want, Water Fall On Me). Each of my other albums have a few worship songs on them as well, so you can go digging through the catalog, or find get ahold of the new album.