Water Fall On Me

It's amazing how this song has made its way around the country and to other parts of the world. It's happened without professional promotion or consistent touring (since '02 or '03). People keep singing it, and new people are discovering it! I've ended up places where people are singing the song without any idea of where it came from. I was even accused once of lying about writing it because the person thought some famous professional must have written it, not some no-name missionary kid. Pretty cool!

The song draws heavily on the language and imagery used in Isaiah 61. Water as an image of the love and power of God gets a bit over-used, but there are good reasons for it! These analogies are powerful, and they are rooted much deeper than any current worship fad might suggest -- you find them throughout church history and in Jesus own words (John 4).

If you want to use the Waterfall song in a service or group, please register with CCLI and report your use of the song. Thanks.

If you are looking for a recording of Water Fall On Methere are 3 versions and ways to get it:

1. Order Riddled Through with Glory (2012): Songs of Worship and Waiting. It includes an acoustic version on the song. It is available on cd only (no downloads).

2. Order Sonchild Responsible (2000). This collection of original worship songs includes a full band version of Water Fall On Me. CD only, includes lyrics and chords for all songs. (No downloads).

3. Download the song from itunes or amazon.com. There are two versions there: an acoustic version (same as on "Riddled Through") and a "garage mix" (rough electric guitars, loops). We recommend the acoustic version. Released on "Gesture Drawings: Rough Demos, Orphan Tracks and Living Room Recordings" (2011) by Jonathan Reuel.

LYRICS, CHORDS and the HISTORY of the various versions
See below for inks to lyrics and chords for Waterfall on Me. It was first recorded in 1996 on a now out-of-print recording called "Wind, Rain and Thunder." In 2000 the Sonchild version was released which is the version most people know. In 2011 Jonathan added a verse, did a demo with the revised lyrics, and released in on "Gesture Drawings" and "Riddled Through with Glory".

Waterfall Lyrics
Revised Version (with added verse)
Original Version
Original Version with chords

Other recordings
Other artists have recorded this song. Sons of the Day do an a cappella version, there are choral versions flitting around mid Ohio, a punk-influenced version, and -- one of my favorites -- a super high-pitched Jeff Buckley-esque version done by a VA college kid with a great falsetto. The Bluffton University worship band did a tasty rendition several years back. I believe, however, we've yet to hear the definitive version.