Water Fall On Me

This revision (added verse), copyright July 15, 2011 Jonathan Reuel

Oh my savior I give you glory
My redeemer, my God and king
There is no one, oh so holy
Like the one who sets me free

I can't think of anywhere, anywhere
I would want to be more than with you
I can't think of anything, anything
I would rather do than give you glory
Come my savior, on the clouds
Holy Spirit, speed the hour
I will shout out loud the message,
"Freedom is coming and the kindgom is now"

Let your rain come down all around
Let the thunder sound, shake the ground
Let the waterfall pound, breaking down
All the lies you found under me
Let the sightless see, let 'em see
Set the bound ones free, set 'em free
Water fall on me, waterfall
I've sought your heart, hear me call

I am here to speak a message
Tell the truth that'll set you free
I proclaim, "freedom to the captives,
Freedom to you in Jesus' name"
You can bow before the master
Find your shelter under his blood
You can come and be forgiven
Carried along in the crimson flood

Through the desert dry and dusty
Open, aching, empty and clean
Leave behind the city blinking
Shake it off and seek the stream
Holy love, storm of silence
Violent blaze of a wilderness sun
Come and see far beyond
Where you've been and what you've done