Check it out -- here are the basic chords for the songs on the Riddled Through with Glory album. You may need to make some adjustments -- capo it up or transpose it, but this will get you started. I also made a couple videos so you can see some of the rifs (instrumental flourishes or melodies) I used in these tunes. I'm not charging you for the use of this stuff -- please use and share the songs as you see fit. If you're part of a group that uses them, please report them to CCLI -- it lets me know the songs are being used, which is encouraging, and helps with expenses!

One of the things I've enjoyed over the years is seeing how different individuals, bands and worship teams interpret the songs I write, so please don't feel constrained to follow what I do exactly. I try to write songs that give musians and singers room to experiment and bring their own skills and ideas to bear. Think how many different ways the Psalms have been interpreted over the centuries!

And if you hear something that inspires you to write something, do it. My earliest songs stole tunes from other compositions, and I've written many, many extra verses to hymns. It can be a great way to get the juices flowing and bring another piece of yourself to give to God.