Water Fall On Me

Copyright 2000 Jonathan Reuel

C           G          Em         D
Oh my savior I give you glory
C           G          Em          D
My redeemer, my God and king
C           G          Em      D
There is no one, oh so holy
C           G          Em         D
Like the one who sets me free

G                      C           
I can't think of anywhere, anywhere
F                                     C
I would want to be more than with you
G                    C           
I can't think of anything, anything
F                                 C
I would rather do than give you glory
G                         C           
Come my savior, on the clouds
F                  C
Holy Spirit, speed the hour
G               C           
I will shout out loud the message,
F                                          C
"Freedom is coming and the kindgom is now"

Em                              C
Let your rain come down all around
G                            D
Let the thunder sound, shake the ground
Em                           C
Let the waterfall pound, breaking down
G                           D
All the lies you found under me
Em                        C
Let the sightless see, let 'em see
G                              D
Set the bound ones free, set 'em free
Em                  C
Water fall on me, waterfall
G                            D
I've sought your heart, hear me call

G                    C           
I am here to speak a message
F                            C
Tell the truth that'll set you free
G                  C           
I proclaim, "freedom to the captives,
F                            C
Freedom to you in Jesus' name"
G                  C           
You can bow before the master
F                          C
Find your shelter under his blood
G                             C           
You can come and be forgiven
F                             C
Carried along in the crimson flood