I'm doing a series short tours this year, rather than a big cross-country tour. So far I'm booked in Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina and Texas playing concerts, leading worship, leading workshops and helping leaders of churches and arts groups do what they are called to do!

This year my main focus is developing a network of churches and arts groups. I'm working with some friends in this emerging network to design and test some new training tools for artists, leaders and worship leaders.

If you have questions about these projects or would like to invite me to play some music or do some training in your area in 2013, feel free to contact me at music@jonathanreuel.com

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Other Online Connections
Jonathanreuel.com has information about my music, not focused on worship.
On the Earthquake Trees blog (jrlive.blogspot.com) I post drawings, lyrics, and new projects.
DeepLakeReflect is my twitter account. I tweet things I'm thinking about -- entrepreneurship, how change happens, personal growth, the arts, etc.