When the Enemies Close In

Copyright 03.30.2011 Jonathan Reuel (original version 03.3.2010 Jonathan Reuel)

G     Am         C                                               G-Am-C
-The next six months are like the blind and the bends
G  Am            C                                      G-Am-C
-I don’t mind planning for beginnings and ends
G  Am       C                                    G-Am-C
-But I won’t sit here while it all falls apart
G  Am      C                                  G          -Am-C
-I’d rather follow you right into the darkness

Em                D                           G
-- You never lose those you’ve chosen
Em               D                                        G
-- And I can trust you when the enemies close in

G      Am         C                                        G-Am-C
- It’s time to pack away my crutches and canes
G     Am          C                            G-             Am-C
-The cheap escapes and the mostly harmless games
G    Am      C                               G-Am-C
- My last tattoo was an invisible stain
G   Am         C                                             G -          Am-           C
- I’m climbing up above the clatter and the careless use of the petty claims

G                     D
I fall, I can not stand
          Em                                         C
In the depths of your love, in your gentle hands
         G                                D
Your way has become my home
          Em                            C
Your love has become my boat in this sea of sorrow
G                                                                             D
Higher and deeper and wider and stronger is this love
That has now become my life overflowing, a great river rising
To carry me

               G                                                                                      D
Into your light like a bright, golden, sight-clearing, heart-rending hope
That will not disappoint All the ones who will come from the shadows to give you
All they are
        G-Am,-C            G-Am,-C
Simply, -------- simply

G     Am          C                                       G-Am-C
-The next six months are like a lost campaign
G Am          C                                                          G-        Am-C
-A great last stand or maybe something that you can’t explain
G   Am        C                                        G  - Am - C
-But I won’t try to hide my pride or my fear
G Am      C                                              G - Am - C
-I’d rather tell you while the coast’s still clear