I Don't Mind Waiting

Copyright 02.10.2007 Jonathan Reuel
(These are the actual chords -- close anyway -- I like to play it in the key of D with 2 capos: a standard one on the first fret and a cut capo on the 3rd...)

F                                                           Bb - Dm-C
Take you my love, for instance, if you will
F                                                     Bb - Dm-C
I just woke but this circumstance is still here

A/F               Bb                    Dm-C
I don’t mind waiting for your love
A/F               Bb                    Dm-C
I don’t mind looking high and low

F                                                                  Bb - Dm-C
See how these fences have grown up in my heart
F                                                Bb - Dm-C
I just woke up but I almost fell apart

A/F                                              Bb                      
There aren’t many places you can let your guard down here
Dm-                                        C
Mostly smiling faces who just want to clear themselves
A/F                                        Bb                      
Some space to control like a traitor who has sold
              Dm-                                            C
Sold her homeland and her hope, sold her body and her soul

A/F                             Bb                      
Everyone I know has compromised their heart
But You’re not the same as us
You are riddled through with glory
       A/F                                Bb                      
This hard road we walk, it’s hopeless without You
              Dm                                     C
But You open up a window and You let the morning through, God

       F                                                                     Bb -  Dm - C
This long day ahead makes me hold out for some more
F                                                                   Bb -  Dm - C
Don’t leave me vacant, I am waiting at your door