Not Right Now

Copyright 2005 Jonathan Reuel
Capo on 3rd fret, play key of G (actual Bb)


G                    Am
Open up with me
C                                 G
Help me see what you see
G                 Am
Don’t let me be
C                      G
Not right now please
G                     Am
Open up your arms
C                             G
Wrap them both around me
                            Am    -      C
Hold this spinning heart still
C                             G
Fill me up with the freedom

Em-D                        C  --   G
-- Come to me like roses
Em-D                         C  
--- Stay with me like fire
Em-D                       C  --   G
---- Whisper like a river
Am-B/D     C          -             D
---- Rising higher - rising high

G                 Am
You are so beautiful
C                                   G
Like a mountain range lit up
G                            Am
Love is a fine wine aging
C                      G
Let’s drain this cup

G                      Am    --   C
I don’t want to miss You
So I choose to run
             Am        - C
Into this promise
You are the only one