I Don't Mind Waiting

Copyright 02.10.2007 Jonathan Reuel

Take you my love, for instance, if you will
I just woke but this circumstance is still here

I don’t mind waiting for your love
I don’t mind looking high and low

See how these fences have grown up in my heart
I just woke up but I almost fell apart

There aren’t many places you can let your guard down here
Mostly smiling faces who just want to clear themselves
Some space to control like a traitor who has sold
Sold her homeland and her hope, sold her body and her soul

Everyone I know has compromised their heart
But You’re not the same as us
You are riddled through with glory
This hard road we walk, it’s hopeless without You
But You open up a window and You let the morning through, God

This long day ahead makes me hold out for some more
Don’t leave me vacant, I am waiting at your door